Looming proposal deadline?  Final Report due in 3 days?  Need a project manager for a do-or-die effort?  In short, are you like nearly everybody else?  Then you don't need an executive assistant... you need an ASSISTANT EXECUTIVE.

At YOUR ASSISTANT EXECUTIVE, we hit the ground running - within minutes, if needed - on all the things you need to win that proposal, finish that milestone, get that project done, file that report, or meet that deadline - TURN KEY.  There's no long-term commitment, no coming up to speed, no on-the-job training.  We've been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt.  We're seasoned business, sales, marketing, accounting and finance professionals, scientists, and engineers - we already know exactly how to help you, and we get it about schedules and deadlines.

Business today moves at Twitter speed.  You have to move with it or eat someone else's dust.  We're here for YOU.