Until you find the ideal permanent person:

Losing a key executive can hamstring an organization if no succession plan was in effect at the time of the loss.  During the subsequent talent search and qualification process, senior positions cannot be left vacant, because the organization needs to keep moving forward.  However, using internal resources may be unsuitable, and may even constrain the talent search itself.

In such cases, an interim executive is called for.  The ideal interim executive will have senior experience, be a quick start and fast learner, have the political skills to unite rather than divide, and have the global vision needed to insure that the ultimate transition to permanent leadership is done smoothly and successfully.

Finding the appropriate interim talent can be challenging to the organization, however, because senior interim talent is rarely available on short notice.

Your Executive Assistant maintains a rotating bench of first-string C-level players for just such assignments, along with all the backup resources they need to help your firm when only an interim executive will do.