The following is a portfolio by our principals and associates.  All except public documents are copyrighted by the authors; none may be reproduced without written permission of those authors.  Express permission is granted for viewing by anyone for the purposes of evaluating our firm, principles, or associates for fitness for a particular assignment or work product.  We assume no liability for the use of this material for any purpose whatsoever.

  • Business plans: We've written more than 50 business plans, for many clients.  Most are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements [NDAs] but here are the ones we CAN show you:  HURRICANE-1 HURRICANE-2.  Keep checking as we post more.
    While we're at it:  Everybody's got a business plan template, and so do we.  Here's our LONG one and our SHORTIE to take to your venture capital guys or your angel investors prior to filing a Reg DBUSINESS-PLAN-TEMPLATE  ELEVATOR-PITCH-TO-INVESTORS-TEMPLATE

  • Proposals, White Papers: We've written more than 100 proposals of all types for a large number of clients.  Most have the same restrictions as the business plans, but here are the ones we can show you:  MILITARY SOFTWARE  NOVEL WEAPONS DETECTION HARDWARE R&D

  • Patents: Here's the first one issued.  View it on the USPTO LINK or as a PDF.  We've got 5 more in process.

  • Environmental: The CHEVRON FISHERIES HANDBOOK FOR THE CAVERN POINT UNIT was written by Wayne B. Norris of our staff, plus collaborators from the UCSB Marine Science Department.