Interim C-Level , financial, and other executives: We'll run the store till you find the permanent person

Proposals & Business plans, start to finish: Our staff have written more than 50 business plans and 100 proposals.  Most are under Non-Disclosure Agreements [NDAs], but we CAN show you some of them.

Project and program management: Our Project Management Professionals [PMPs] have managed more than 100 projects and programs with budgets to $7.5 million and staffs to 35, using both conventional and most agile methodologies.

Management of overseas teams & resources: Our staff have managed more than 200 offshore assets, from programmers to QA teams to artists, in Russia, Ukraine, India, and China, since 1992.

Financial and Accounting setup and consulting: Whether it's QuickBooks or military grade accounting, we will set up your system to keep regulators, tax authorities, and your own managers smiling.

Operations manuals and training: We've written hundreds of them.

Business / Systems / Requirements Analysis; Operations Research

Trade shows, start to finish: We've done more than 30 and have our own booth and experienced sales staff.

High grade art and video animation: From architecture to cartoons

Electronic circuit design, simulation, and modeling: Call us!

Nuclear engineering: Call us about gamma sensors, neutron sources, and modeling with MCNP-X, MCNP5, VISED, TART, and other popular codes.

Patent preparation pre-attorney: No, we're NOT patent attorneys.  But we'll work with to get your patent ready for attorney review.  We have plenty of our own patents, and we've been thru the mill. We'll recommend you to an attorney if you don't have one.

Environmental and compliance reports and audits: Oil spill plans, toxic plume models, air quality models, and economic impact analyses.

Embedded software development

Mechanical engineering design: We work in AutoCad, SolidWorks, TurboCad, and SketchUp.

Business websites and software: We've built over 200. Most are under NDA, so we can't tell you the movie studios and auto companies, but we CAN tell you about the Department of Homeland Security.  Please ask!

Expert witness services: We've done more than 60 cases, including patents, copyrights, trade secrets, software forensics, aviation, and appraisals.

Graphics for attorneys: We make even complex data simple to grasp for juries and the Court.